Thanks to the internet, the number of jobs you
can do from home has grown exponentially.
Here are 5 great ones:
Teacher – This is a very common home-based
job. You can run a crèche or even a day care
centre from your own garage.
There’s always a high demand for education,
specifically for young first-time business
Source: Huffington Post
Medical consultant – After years of community
service in hospitals, you can run your own
general practice from home.
This arrangement is also economically viable as
it saves you petrol and rent money for an office
space, which would have been outside your
Web search evaluator – This job entails
improvement of search engine results on an
internet browser.
You can do this for major companies such as
Google and Yahoo! and earn decent cash.
Source: Huffington Post
Freelance writer – You can contribute content to
an established online or print publication from
home. This is great for those wanting to have a
flexible schedule.
Source: Survey compare
Music Producer – With the necessary software
and hardware, nothing can stop you from
making beats and demos for artists in the
comfort of your own home.
You can also sell beats and instrumentals to
various artists. This can be a very lucrative
Source: Studio lights