Abuja – Canada based science company, NH3,
plans a renewable energy project to tackle
power challenge in Nigeria, its International
President, Mr Robert Leth, has said.
Leth disclosed this in Abuja on Friday while
signing a Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU), with Nigeria’s Traveri Group.
He said the project would commence on a pilot
scale in Enugu and Nasarawa states.
Leth added that the company had entered into
agreements with the Governments of both
states and that the project would be FUNDED
by accessing 185 billion euros from European
Union Fund.
He explained that the EU fund, Horizon 2020,
was set aside to finance the fight against
climate change globally.
The president explained that the firm’s decision
to introduce renewable energy in Nigeria
stemmed from its commitment to tackle the
threats associated with global warming.
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Mr Innocent Obende, Chief Executive Officer of
Traveri NH3, said green technology which
provided solutions to energy problems in
developed nations of the world would be
replicated in Nigeria.
He stated that with the MoU, the company
would immediately begin the feasibility study as
to how to fund and best deploy renewable
energy to the generality of Nigerians.
He said the company had signed similar
memorandum with the government of Enugu
and Nasarawa states where the project would
soon commence on a pilot scale.
“Traveri NH3 is set to replicate the green energy
technology provided in the United States in
Nigeria as part of ways of finding solutions to
the country’s energy problems.
“With the technology in place, the firm will
create employment, provide energy and
manufacture fertiliser.
“We have met with the technical committees of
the states, we have entered into partnerships
and we hope to focus on waste management,
electricity generation, and real estate”, he said.