While we can all agree that nobody is
perfect, there are actually a few things that
would adversely affect a relationship if a
man chooses to partner with a woman with
some not-so-great attributes.
Here are the 10 kinds of woman a man
should think twice about making a wife.
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1. The Bitter Woman: You know that woman
that always seems to be angry at the
menfolk all the time?
Perhaps she has had her heart broken one
too many times, but this woman is always
bashing on men and talking about how they
are no-good or useless.
A man might not want to settle down with
someone so bitter as it is guaranteed that
when the opportunity arises, she would hurl
hurtful insults and intense, hateful words his
way due to all her unresolved anger.
2. The Selfish Woman: If you want a happy
home and a partner that wants your
happiness as well as hers, then you should
steer clear of the selfish woman.
A woman who is determined to make sure
she always comes first would not be able to
build a cheerful and loving home with you.
3. The Materialistic Woman: A woman
obsessed with material things would certainly
not make the best wife.
If all she cares about are material possession
over family, faith and spiritual fulfillment, then
she will not make the best partner.
4. The Flirty Woman: Are you attracted to
that woman that always seems to flirt with
one person or another? She flirts like a
butterfly from one man to another and makes
all men feel like she is interested in them.
Well, beware, because a habit like that might
be hard to break after marriage and you
would not want to start hearing that your
wife has had flirty conversations with all the
men in the neighbourhood.
5. The Party Freak: She is invited to every
party and attends them all. She is always
dressed in the most flashy clothes and is the
ultimate party girl.
She lives for the next big gathering and
cannot say no to an invitation. Such woman
might not be the type to settle down in a
6. The Spoilt-Brat: A woman who grew up
having everything handed to her and has
never had the experience of actually working
for something is unlikely to make the best
No matter how much you might be willing to
provide her with the kind of lifestyle she grew
up with, remember, marriage comes with kids
and kids require sacrifice.
If she has never had to work or make
sacrifices for anything in her life, it is unlikely
that she would start now.
7.The Gossip: Does she always seem to
never mind her own business? Is she always
focused on what someone else is doing or
how someone else is living their life?
Then you do not need this kind of woman as
a wife. A man needs someone that would
build a home with him and this requires some
focus on her own plans and her own life.
If she is too busy minding someone else’s
business, then you are fighting a losing
8. The Commitment-Phobe: A woman who
finds it difficult to commit to anything
(school, jobs, family, friendship, etc) would
also not be able to commit to a marriage.
If she seems to lose interest in everything
quickly and is always looking for the next
thing to jump into, then you would have a
hard time keeping her focused in her
9. The Attention Seeker: While some women
naturally like attention, when it becomes an
obsession, then it is not a good idea.
A good husband makes sure he has time for
his wife, but this cannot happen 100percent
of the time so a good wife should understand
10. The Disrespectful Woman: If she seems
to always be disrespectful and rude (even if it
is to people she considers beneath her
standards) then you need to think twice
about marrying her.
Respect for a fellow human being is a very
important attribute in who we choose to
spend the rest of our lives with so it is
definitely not something that should be taken