Abuja – A teenage girl from Florida is alleged to
have had sex with her grandmother’s dog and
took selfies of the act, MirrorUK reported.
The teen while being questioned by police, told
them she had gently persuaded the pitbull to
peform the sexual acts with her for about 30 to
40 times in a space of five years.
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girlfriends dog
Whenever she would have sex with the dog, she
would lock herself in her grandmother’s room.
According to police, the teenage girl also
admitted to making her previous dog perform
oral sex on her.
The girl has been charged with two counts of
sexual activities involving animals.

Man caught having sex with girlfriends dog
Abuja – A 41-year-old man has been arrested
after he was found humping his girlfriend’s dog
on the floor of their home, MirrorUK reported.
He was found by the girlfriend’s sister on his
hands and knees and pants down.
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with dog in her car
Police were called on the scene and was
arrested for the indecent act on the animal.
He faces one felony count of deviate sexual
conduct and has been barred from having any
contact with any dogs or cats.
The accused will appear in court and if found
guilty he might receive a ten year hail sentence