plant There’s a plant in South Africa that locals
claim does wonders for them – especially the
They said the sweet plant – which they call
molomo monate – was discovered by their
ancestors outside Lephalale in Limpopo
Locals claim any man who chews the plants
shrub and swallows the sweet juice – no
woman can say no to him if he asks her for
According to one of the residents, 63-year-old
Kautloa Mocheko, “The tree is well known as
a ‘ways opener’- it makes people like you.
“As for women, this muthi is even worse. You
attract girls by just opening your mouth and
speaking to them,” he said.
Another resident, Fanie Giba, 69, said the
sweet plant can help you to be loved and
favoured when you speak to people.
“Even if you are fighting with your wife or
husband, you just come to get a piece of it.
And whenever you start speaking to your
lover when you arrive home, it will be all
smiles and tears of joy!” he said.
“The tree is sweet and helps to bring
reconciliation between two people and even
makes them fall in love,” he said.