apc This is interesting!! 9 year old girl “Nicole
Benson” donates her lunch money, pocket
money to apc.
Read Her Letter Below.
Dear APC and governor Fashola,
My name is Nicole Benson. I am 9 years old.
The name of my school is Greensprings
School lekki campus and I am in year 4
I want to be a doctor when I grow up so that
I can take care of people who are sick and
dying because they take care of me when I
am sick.
Governor fashola and apc I was listening to
the radio on my way to school today and I
heard that we can send money to you to help
you to win the election.
My mummy said that I can donate from N100
so that we can help APC to raise the money
to win the election and remove president
goodluck jonathan so that mr buhari and
professor osinbajo can be the new president
and assistant president and be able to help
nigeria to fight the boko haram people who
are killing innocent children and also bring
back the chibok girls so that their mummies
and daddies can be happy.
Governor Fashola and APC, please don’t you
think that N100 is too small? I have the new
N100 notes but I am sorry I will not be able
to give it to you because I only have one and
I want to keep it in my wallet.
But I have n5785 that I saved from my lunch
money and pocket money and toothfairy
money. I know it’s my mummy giving the
toothfairy the money to give me because I
found my tooth in her wallet last year.
And I want to give you all my money that I
saved so that you can win in February. I have
N5785 naira and also N8 but the N8 is in
coins and it’s only in Shoprite that they gave
me so I want to go and spend it there.
I wanted to buy my inhaler disk but my daddy
has bought another new one for me.
I have given my mummy the money and she
put it on her card to pay it on your website
and she paid it now.
I wish I could get more money for you but
that will be next week when I get more lunch
money from my daddy and toothfairy can’t
give me any more money because all my
teeth have all grown back.
I can still save more money for you and give
you in February.
Please help me give some of the money to mr
ambode too so that he can win mr jimmy
agbaje. I like mr ambode very much.
I wish you goodluck not goodluck jonathan
but best of luck and please you can call my
mummy’s number if you need me to send the
money I want to save for you.
But you will have to give me some time to
save it.
Please say hello to mr ambode mr buhari and
professor osinbajo for me.