– A source in London has said that
President Buhari is ‘cleared’ to return back
to Nigeria next week
– The UK doctors reportedly cleaned
Buhari’s ear and applied antibiotics to it
– Buhari was prescribed to a chest X-ray to
determine the reason of his persistent cough
Sahara Reporters has obtained the
information that the UK doctors, who
examined President Muhammadu Buhari’s
ear infection, have allowed him to return to
Nigeria on Thursday, June 16.
A source in London revealed that the doctors
had also prescribed a chest X-ray for
President Buhari to find the cause of his
continual cough.
He also stated that Buhari didn’t know the
result of the X-ray.
However, a presidential source said that the
Nigerian leader was probably to leave London
for Abuja next week.
The source also revealed that President
Buhari spent a day at a hospital in the capital
of Great Britain where he did a series of tests
to determine the nature of his ear disorder
and a course of treatment.
He rejected to name the hospital where the
president underwent his checkup.
The doctors in London reportedly determined
that Buhari’s ear got infected after one of
Nigerian doctors “cleaned” his ear when he
complained about a loss of hearing from that
The source also noted that the president’s
ear was cleaned again, and antibiotics
prescribed to it.
President Buhari proceeded on ten-day
vacation on June 6, Monday.
According to Femi Adesina, presidential media
aide, the president traveled to United
Kingdom to rest. The presidency also said he
will see ENT specialists for a persistent ear
Before departure the Nigerian leader
transferred power to his vice Yemi Osinbajo.