First septuplet ever where all
babies survived!
Twin, triplets, quintuplets… How about
giving birth to 7 babies at a time?! Find out
why this heroic mother was almost forced by
doctors to kill 4 out of 7 of the babies in her
Her name is Bobbi McCaughey and her
husband is Kenny. Back in 1997 the couple
faced the need to make serious and even
heartbreaking decision. The woman got 7
babies in her womb instead of 1 or 2. Till
that time there was no record of septuplets
surviving the birth.
Back at that time doctors had major health
concerns. They were afraid the mother would
not be able to nurture all the 7 babies and
stay healthy. They also had a hard time
believing that all the 7 little ones would
survive. So, they suggested parents to kill 4
of them in Bobbi’s womb to let the other 3
survive and have proper development.
Just imagine having to make such a decision!
Young parents refused to murder their kids
and stood by faith. And their faith bore
awesome fruits. All the 7 babies were born
and survived the big day!
Moreover recently the septuplets have turned
18 years of age. There are 4 boys and 3 girls.
Some of the kids do have health problems,
but they all make an excellent and loving
family. Once again McCaughey family got in
the news and went viral. The photos of grow
up septuplets are amazing!