A former German nurse has admitted killing 30
patients in the hospital where he worked, a court
was told.
The 38-year-old allegedly confessed to taking the
lives of the patients by injecting them with an
overdose of heart medication.
He made the confession to a psychiatric expert
who relayed the evidence in court.
Investigators said his motive was to improve his
own resuscitation skills.
The former nurse has been on trial since
September and is accused of murder and
attempted murder.
He is alleged to have killed three patients and
tried to kill two others at a clinic in Delmenhorst,
near Bremen in north Germany.
But a psychiatric examiner told the court in
nearby Oldenburg that he had confessed to as
many as 30 killings.
The patients are believed to have been injected
with heart medication between 2003 and 2005.
In a further 60 cases he injected patients but
managed to revive them, according to the
psychiatric assessor.
Police are investigating more than 100 suspicious
deaths at the Delmenhorst clinic.
The nurse, identified by the authorities only as
Niels H, had already been sentenced to seven-
and-a-half years in prison.