We need not tell you that things are hard in
the society; the economy is not favorable at
this time but then life must continue.
We would not stop living because we do not
have enough money to throw around or stop
doing the basic things in life generally.
Relationship is an important aspect of a
man’s life and the fact that a young man is
financially handicapped does not mean he
has no right to be normal.
As a matter of fact; without having enough
money to spend, one could divert one’s
energy into doing other things that would
ease off the tension that might have mounted
as a result of being broke. It is quite possible
for a man to find happiness in a woman even
when he does not have enough money to
throw around.
We would be sharing cost effective tips on
the things a man could do to get a girlfriend.
After all, a man who does not have money to
throw around on a woman is expected to
possess other qualities that would make up
for his inadequacy when it comes to
Find below some of the things a man could
do to get a woman without spending much:
1. Being light hearted
By being good natured, you are bound to
meet more people as you carry on with your
daily routine. Learn to smile once in a while
and lend out support to whoever needs it at
that moment. Before you know it, your
reputation would precede you and speak for
Your body language also would help you a lot
as people would always study you. You do
not want to be seen or known as the weird
guy. Happiness is key and it should reflect in
everything you do.
2. Being straight
Your personality matters a great deal, you
cannot afford to be seen as broke and yet be
chasing everything in skirts. The
interpretation the ladies would have of you
would be spelt as a potential liability.
While being a single, cultivate good habits
that would eventually become a point of
strength when you are in a relationship.
These virtues cannot be bought by money
and it would make women choose you over
money at times.
3. Carefully select your friends
While you are trying to make the right
decisions at your own level, having certain
friends around you would not help. Since you
do not have enough money to throw round,
you should not take out a lady you want to
ask out with your friend whose financial
status overshadows yours.
While you may call it a twin date or whatever
name you find for it, it would be the perfect
time to make the lady you like see your
She would be able to make open comparison
between you and your friend who spends
more for his woman and appears to be more
4. Be witty
Everyone is tensed; the stress of having to go
to work daily and get through the basic
routine of life could be draining. If you want
to get a girlfriend without spending much,
then you would have to apply the charms you
have and make her laugh.
While turning on the joker instinct in you,
please check her body language to be sure
you are not boring her out. This trait would
no doubt make you have enough friends from
the opposite sex, this would make whoever
you ask out eventually to fall in love with you
in totality.
5. Be responsible
Every woman wants to be associated with
responsible men; you should know this and
work it into your personality. No one is
asking you to pretend, good manners can be
cultivated. You do not want to strike people
around as a drunk and you definitely want to
be taken serious.
When you have the right attitude and you are
responsible, you would be confident of
yourself and would be able to assess
situations well. Ladies around you would see
you as being purpose driven and would be
glad to walk into the future with you.
6. Do not be all about sex
We understand you want to get laid and feel
yourself from time to time; the only issue
here is you have to sit down and ask yourself
what you really want.
Being tagged as a player would not help you
in this quest of finding a girlfriend. Naturally,
ladies are always sensitive when it comes to
sex and they want to be sure you do not
want them for sex alone. Ladies would be
confident around you when they see you are
not pushy when it comes to sex.