Many parents have very hard times today.
Their kids get out of control; they cannot
manage them and or train out of getting into
some serious trouble. One of the latest
parenting trends is social media shaming.
This man has shot a video with his son and
what he does is shocking.
Kids get very busy on social media sites,
such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube,
Instagram, etc. They chat with friends, share
photos and videos. Some parents use social
media as their public shaming tool. They lay
out posts or even videos shaming their kids
in front of their friends. Some of such videos
get over 20 million clicks!
This man has his own approach to public
shaming. That is why he shot this video with
his son. At first, he threatens to shame off
his son’s hair to punish him and shame him
publicly on social media.
What he does next is just amazing! This
video has a much-unexpected turn in it. Then
after what this father does, he shares his
heart on how to bring up the kids the right
way and shows you who really can help you
to manage the task better!
This dad surely knows a thing or two about
parenting. And he knows Jesus, who has
become the answer to his needs!