Who says baldness and hair loss has no remedy – whether in males and females? “I hated my bald head, it started when I was 22; 10 years later I found a simple natural solution that helped me stop hair loss in 10 days and re-grow my lost hair within 21 days!” My story, ordeal, trials, errors and eventual breakthrough to my hair loss problem have inspired and helped over 25 persons regain their confidence. My battle with hair loss started back in secondary school. Insults like moon head and baldie made it difficult for me to be bald and proud. Literally, I had no social life then; that was almost 2 decades ago. Never did I think I would have to worry about losing my hair, but looking back I now understand why. My grandfather on my mom’s side was bald and my dad has thin hair in the front and a bald spot in the back. One of my aunties battled serious hair loss too, that was when I knew women suffer from hair loss too. What Was In Store For Me? Who Knows? I grew quite accustomed to looking at my hair in the mirror analyzing the situation. I would spend at least an hour or so a day combing my hair and seeing it get thinner. The hair in the front was getting thin, invisible looking, limp, and it was receding at a rapid rate. I was also actually seeing what would become an almost bald spot on the back of my head. Overall, I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. I would constantly be in the mirror trying to downplay the situation. “Oh it is going to stop. There is no way I could be going bald” Well it was happening, I was losing my hair. When losing your hair you start to shed more and grow less. I was finding hair all over the place. My hair brush was full of hair all the time and my pillow had hair on it also. And the shower drain was no picnic either. I had hair everywhere falling from my head. I Started To Look For Answers And Solutions Back then the Internet was new so the only way I knew how to look was in papers, books, magazines, and on TV. I was desperate; my hair was thinning quite fast and I was willing to try anything to save it. After weeks of research, I found a Canadian company that had a shampoo, conditioner, and a topical solution used for hair loss. Though was quite pricy but what could a desperate me have done? I called and ordered it via the help of an old friend there with my meager savings of course. I used it for about 5 months, but it didn’t work! My hair was still thinning, receding and even looking like it’s burning. So I stopped. After that I started to look again and I found a business outfit, more like an expensive hair clinic somewhere in Ikoyi Lagos that had a treatment for hair loss. Their system of treatment is based on Micro-Scalp Pigmentation. Very expensive and unsure; I couldn’t afford it, so I looked the other way. I Kept Looking For Answers For Months I came across numerous products and I tried the ones that made sense at the time, but nothing worked at the long run. I was even referred to a traditional medicine practitioner somewhere in Owo town in Ondo state. There, the dirty looking old man gave me some mixture that looked like poo from a diarrhea patient and instructed me to massage my head with it every morning. I did that for almost 7 months, and nothing worked at the end. After that, I went to another hairpiece clinic that was at Lekki. They recommended I massage my hair with a type of shampoo and conditioner formulated for thinning hair. It makes sense to use a shampoo and conditioner that is made for thinning hair, so I started using it and I use it to this day. But at the end of the day I was still losing my hair and I was still averaging an hour a day in the mirror studying the situation and I still kept looking for answers. Well after weeks and months of praying, one of two answers came. The Solution Came Like A Miracle! This solution stops hair loss 10 short days, then opens the closed hair follicles (that maks your hair not grow) and starts regrowth within 21 days. It’s 100% NATURAL, and so simple that I think dropping it in the open isn’t the best idea. I fear these greedy pharmacies and stores will get hold of it, hoard and package it, then sell to people at exorbitant rates. So, I have created a secured platform to share the info, and enable us follow up with those who really want to stop their hair loss/baldness and regrow lost hair. Click here to join the platform for FREE today Or go to the link directly http://www.safeclicks.io/njhair [Sponsored]