At this time when tribal differences is very high in Nigeria, there are so many things you MUST NEVER say on social media…or even think of doing!
Adebiyi Olatunji

Adebiyi Olatunji

A Yoruba man, Adebiyi Olatunji, has shown his hatred for Igbos to the point that he went on Facebook promising to kill his Igbo wife first who is from Imo state when the real killing of Igbos starts. According to his Facebook page, Adebiyi works with Mediterranean shipping company and he is a Muslim.

After making the horrible comment, his profile picture and the screen-grab of the shocking comment he made started trending. He deleted all his pictures from his Facebook account and then later deleted his account off Facebook.
Do you know anyone who knows this man’s wife? She should not be with a man that hates her tribe so much that he plans on killing her soon.