Our world is full of strange things. At times even the scientists start believing them! They have found some bones and claimed they belonged to an ancient vampire! Was this man really a vampire? Let’s find out.

The skeleton of this man is 500 years old. Most likely he lived back in the 16th century. But what made them place the bones in a museum? Well, the way they found them is fascinating. Scientists say he was buried as a vampire, following a specials ritual.

vampire body
This body along with few others was discovered in Poland just two years ago. There is an old legend, which tells us about how the vampires should be buried. When they found this guy, all the signs of the ritual were present in his grave.
What made them think so? The dead body held a little stone in its mouth, and the legs were pierced with a stake. The stone is used to prevent the vampire from sucking the blood out of people. And the metal spear used to pierce the body has to stop the man from getting out of the grave.
this man was a vampire
They have discovered several of the similar graves in Poland, and they all belong to 13-17th centuries. Why did people bury them in such a fashion? Most likely they believed that terrible sinners, who had bad lives, could turn into vampires after their death. So, they did all they could to stop that. Often time ordinary people insisted on such burials of noble people, intellectuals, etc.
vampire  in a museum
So, was the guy a real vampire? No. Most likely he was a rather unusual personage with some oddities or just an evil man. Still, even today people visit the museum to see the “real vampire”.