This man is the modern day Jonah of the Bible. The story of this fisherman is unbelievable! When everyone thought he was dead, he came back alive!

His name is Luigi Marquez. The man is 56, and he is a fisherman. He went to the sea and disappeared for three days. His wife Penelope prayed hard for God to save the man and she received her miracle.

This man is a survivor of a great storm. He was missing for three days, but his wife never lost the hope of his rescue. The man reappeared and what he says is hard to believe.
blue whale
He had a great encounter in the sea. Some great fish approached him and swallowed up just like the Biblical Johan. Inside there was awful smell and rotten pieces of fish. The guy had a waterproof watch on and a small flashlight. He kept track of time and ate some raw fish from the monster’s guts.
After the rescue, he had to do some washing to get rid of the stench. Later on, when the beast got rid of the man, he turned his pants into a life-saving vest and kept on hoping.
strom survivor
Marine scientists say this is not an extraordinary story. It happens time to time. Last year two divers were swallowed by a blue whale, but the best spit them out right away. Blue whales are huge and can easily swallow up a person. However, this man is very lucky to survive, and he is a very tough person too. He never gave up on life and hung on there for 3 days!  What a miracle!