In the past, we had stricter rules for dating. Girls knew exactly what they should or should do on all of their dates. But the times have changed and the rules, too. So, ladies, how far can you go on the first date?
first date rules
5 first date don’ts for women:

1. Neglect your safety
In the past, women were asked out by men, who picked their date locations. Today that thing has changed. Your safety is your priority. So, if you do not like the location he offers, pick the one you want. Never ever neglect your safety and if the man is not willing to change his plans, well, he is not worth taking the risk.
2. The lip kiss
Surely, many guys use the kiss as some test. If you kiss the man on the first, he knows you are into him and he should call you again to ask for the second date. You may give him your cheek or lips, but avoid the passion lip kiss or the one with the tongue. First date is not the best time and place for it.
kissing couple
3. Physical intimacy
Just a few decades ago this would not be even a question a girl has to answer. However, in our days many young people wish to know if it is OK to have sex on the first date. Ladies, men are after the pleasure. They want it, they love it. If you give him what he wants on the first date, why should he even set up the second?
Why should he waste his time and money on you, if you are easy to get and cheap? Not to mention the Biblical principle of waiting till the wedding! Some men honestly admit they married the women because those were hard to get and marriage was the ONLY option to have intimacy with them!
4. The oral thing
Some people do not consider such caresses as sexual intercourse. That’s not true. Surely, you cannot get pregnant by doing it, but you can get all the STDs from the man. And again, he gets what he wants; he gets it cheap and easy. Why bother to have a second date or serious relationship with you?
5. The ex-talk
That’s another don’t. First date is not the place you want to bring up the topic regardless of how heartbreaking the thing was. If you are not over it and all you can talk is your ex, consider postponing dating till you get better. It’s bad manners to talk of your ex on the first few dates!
first date don'ts for women
These 5 don’ts will help you to have some fun and success at the first dates and get second, third and as many as you want with the man you like.