Microsoft Is Helping The Job SeekersJob-seekers! Here is a challenge for you: That is if you have the latest Microsoft software, the company is here to help you become more attractive to employees. 

To make interview more easier since remote interviews are becoming more common, Microsoft now roll out a how-toprimer for conducting yourself during a Skype interview (nice enough!). 

Here are some advices if you’re aspiring to become a Microsoftee:

1. Make sure your Skype profile looks professional, it should include a headshot and status message

2. You still really need to dress coperate even if its an online interview. You dress code counts 

3. Practice how to communicate with your camera before you actually have to go on camera during a call. 

4. Mentally prepare for how you’ll handle distractions. Preare as if you’re going in there to perform your interview. The only difference is that you are doing it via a webcam. 

Note: But Microsoft’s not here just for the interview purposes. They have also provided three resume and cover letter templates —“creative,” “crisp and clean” and “classic” — for Office 365 users. And those of you who want to show off your Sway skills can now use the resume, portfolio or blog templates for “digital storytelling.” The templates were designed by MOO (a design firm). Wish you best of luck!

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