In Nigeria, the traditional marriage ceremony is one special moment and opportunity to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the different ethnic groups in the country.

Today we are discussing the Yoruba bride. The Yoruba wedding is known for its elaborate style with the couples always stunning, and the brides have over time showcased their love for style.

The brides are always seen in their attire iro and buba of different fabrics especially lace; with the different types of lace trending now plus the traditional aso oke that is tied on the head as gele and sometimes thrown on the shoulder as iborun.
The aso oke fabric and head gears is the major attribute of the Yoruba tradition, when a bride wants to get married she wraps her head in the fashion of the moment, then she adorns her aso-oke outfit and gets ready to meet her groom.
As a Yoruba bride it has been known from time in memorial that your look for that day has to be the best yet.
Yoruba brides are just too adorable! Do you agree with us?