At the wedding day, the life of newlyweds turned the tide.


Everything started a few years ago when the bridegroom had an accident. It seemed that such situation may happen with anyone, and everything should have been fine, but not in this case. Kevin got acute reflex bone atrophy that resulted in the leg amputation.

Despite all this, Kevin never complained and remained an optimist. He always calmed his bride down that everything could ended much worse.
The future couple fell in love at a glance, and the bride didn’t care that her beloved man had to use a wheelchair. Bride and groom were absorbed by preparations for the wedding day. In addition, Kevin decided to make his future wife an incredible gift!
When all guests gathered together, they were asked to stand up. Kevin did this too!
Long before the wedding day, Kevin started to prepare his surprise: he was attending a psychotherapist and a prosthetist. He learned to walk again suffering awful pains. But this was definitely worth it!
This incredible video moved me to tears! The best gift for the bride!