Woman meets her death at the hands of a man she met online.
russian woman

Kristina Medvedeva

When 22-year-old Kristina Medvedeva stepped out of her house on July 24, after preparing for a date with a mystery man she met online, little did she know that it’d be her last day of walking the earth.
Kristina who worked as a shop assistant in Ekaterinburg, Russia, was found dead three days after she had gone on her first date with the mystery man.
According to her friends, she had been ‘actively searching’ for love, and was active on dating websites.
Kristina’s almost severed head and gruesomely mutilated body was found near the bank of a river. Even though the police say there was no evidence of sexual assault on her body, they however admitted that they haven’t been able to track down the mystery man from her internet history.