– Nollywood actor Ani Iyoho reveals what happened during the burnt stunt scene
– The fast rising actor says he did not do it for fame
-The movie director Stanlee Ohikhuare behind the fire stunt explains why he shared the news of the burnt actor
Actor Ani Iyoho

Actor Ani Iyoho

After being reportedly burnt while shooting a scene on movie set Behind The Wheels, fast rising Nollywood actor Ani Iyoho has revealed what really happened during the shooting of the movie that got him ‘severely burnt’
The actor and the director of the movie Stanlee Ohikhuare have revealed that the fire incident on set of the movie was a publicity stunt.
They revealed this on Saturday, July 30, 2016 at a press briefing in Ikeja, Lagos.
On Wednesday, July 27, news claiming that Ani Iyoho was in the hospital after a fire stunt went wrong on set went to town with photo and video evidence to give credence to the news going viral. This information was sent out via mails to various media houses. But the two main people involved said:
“Those emails came from us. We wanted to test the waters,” the director Ohikhuare said at the press conference.
A video of the fire incident was shared by Ohikhuare on his Facebook page, but deleted hours later.
On his own part, the actor in the centre of it all took to his Instagram page to share the below update:
“To my friends
For most of you who have ever commented or sent a chat to me you know I do all I can to respond to them all. So it hurt me deeply to keep you in silence and in the dark during this period. I couldn’t avoid it. The calls were maddening. My phone had to be turned off till the matter was resolved in public where it started.
It worried the production that anything I might say as an individual may be misinterpreted further worsening the situation. I’m truly sorry beyond words for the emotional stress and inconvenience this might have caused you. It wasn’t a publicity stunt for me as some might still want to have you believe. It was a huge misunderstanding, misrepresentation and misinterpretation of events of that day and it took a toll on me in ways I cannot explain.
I am however extremely humbled at the love, care and support I got from you during this period. Words fail me. I am indebted to you. Thanks for being there for me and my family. God bless you and yours. Amen
I am well. It was a movie fire scene that went well.
Ani Iyoho”
In another post made on Sunday, July 31, 2016, Iyoho  shared a video of him where addressed those who believed he did the stunt just to get fame.
“Proof of life 2
Ani Iyoho, your very own #manonfire lives. THIS WAS NOT A PUBLICITY STUNT. It was a misconception that spread like wild. I appreciate my fan and friends who prayed for me. You made me share tears of joy for the love. To the others beefing or preferring to believe a lie and claim I did it to get fame, I honestly do not hold you against it. Sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s just ignorance.
Please share as much as you can to get the truth out there. Love you all very very very much.”
A friend of the ‘burnt actor’ had told NAIJ.com that the burnt scene was a publicity stunt and that they had discussed it even before the movie was shot. The friend also said he was with the actor days after he had shot the particular scene.