You’ve heard many times, and life repeatedly proved that appearances are often deceptive. When you look at the face of this girl, you will never guess how her body looks like. How such a charming, cute and fragile creature with fair curls be like that?

And she can! Meet Maggie May Russell. She is a fitness model and the well-known bodybuilder from Australia. Now the 20-year-old girl is getting prepared for the important championship.

Maggie’s day is filled down to the minute. Her main point of the everyday schedule is the intensive training that lasts for 4 hours. “I have weight training six days a week, and cardio workout – every day, 2 times a day”, the beauty told.

The girl had to change her nutrition to become the world champion. She excluded all food that contained carbohydrates. All her ration consists of high-protein vegetables and products. In total, she consumes 1000 calories a day.
It goes without saying that receiving such low amount of calories and having high energy spending, one may face health problems. However, Maggie doesn’t stick to this regime all the time. She makes such sacrifices only before the championship to turn excessive fat mass into muscles.

Maggie has over 19000 subscribers on the Instagram with whom she willingly shares her new photos and achievements in the process of preparation for the competition.

“How to become happy? Stop comparing yourself with other,” she claims on her page on the social network. Among her photos, there is a picture that says:“When one flower grows near another, it doesn’t compare itself with the neighbour, it just blooms.”

On the left photo — May 2015, on the right — October 2015. In less than half a year she achieved incredible results:

Someone admires pumped, fit and muscular body of the young Australian. Others think that this is not very beautiful, and that woman’s body shouldn’t look this way. Opinions differ. What is healthy can’t be ugly.
However, Maggie does really great. Doing such a hard work on herself, repeating it every day, every hour and keeping on smiling at the same time is really hard. Could you do this like her?