Getting a gift for newly weds could be hard because you either think they have that already or you do not know what gift to buy for the couple.

You can spend a big part of your personal budget celebrating the brides and grooms in your life. Of course, gifts are important tokens of love to the people you care about, but there comes a point at which they cross over from gracious to burdensome.
Lack of money or a desire to keep from overspending shouldn’t stop you from extending your well wishes to the happy couple. In fact, they’re probably more concerned that you show up to their big day than they are about getting a pricey present. That said, acknowledging a new union is important, so try looking for gifts that are thoughtful and you won’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money.
1. Kitchen utensils
2. Perfume
3. Sets of tableware
4. His and hers mugs
5. A tea set
6. Matching pillowcases/sleep wear