cheating woman
There was this one that happened near my street.
Have you ever been cheated on by any woman? How does it feel, painful right?

Or maybe you are the lucky type who no woman has ever cheated on, but I’m sure you know a guy who has been cheated on by a lady. Or you may have read a story online about it.

A guy trained a girl through the university, and when the girl got to final year she started acting strange so when the guy confronted her he got to find out she was even about to marry someone else.
These things happen all the time, It’s usually caused by two things;
Number 1: either as a result of lack of money on the guy’s part. Or
Number 2: This is actually the most common reason women cheat – when the men are not able to last Long and perform well on bed plus having a small or medium sized dick without being able to use it well.
That is why a funny African proverb says “Nothing makes a woman more confused than being in a relationship with a broke man who is extremely good in bed”…because she doesn’t have a choice.
She feels like leaving him but she knows she would miss out on his good bedroom skills and all women hate losing out on good sex.
You see, the fastest way to lose your respect in the eyes of your woman is to ejaculate too quickly. It kills every single interest she has for you very fast.
But she won’t show it.
However, if it keeps happening every time you two have sex then that is the end, The next thing she would wish for is to dump you and move on to a better guy. If you are the rich type she would keep you aside for the money and still go ahead to have sex with a better man who would satisfy her.
It takes about 20 minutes penetration to satisfy a fully grown woman so imagine ejaculating less than 3 minutes after penetration. I’m sure you’ve noticed that look of disappointment on your wife’s face when it happens. And that’s the worst thing you can ever do to a woman. To make her very aroused and then pour all over before she notices you are in without satisfying her. It’s frustrating for any woman.
And the most painful part is that you are the only man in her life now, so she cannot go outside and take it from someone else because she is married to you. Do you know how frustrating it is for her?
You are driving her crazy by not having control over your ejaculation like a real man should. Funny as it may sound when you ask most of Nigerian women how many rounds of sex they would love to have the least most would tell you is 2 rounds.
Now if you are able to go one round you are lucky. But the real truth is just one round is not able to satisfy your woman and if you give her the option to choose. I bet you she would rather have sex with a man that can go up to 4 rounds than having your torture you call sex.
Truth of the matter is she might not have told you to your face that you suck and regrets marrying you because she respects you a lot and wants you to feel like a man,She doesn’t want to lower your self esteem but deep down inside she is burning to enjoy it more.
And like you know most Nigerian women have morals and they love to keep their wedding vows or at least stay in the marriage especially cause of the kids – But They Just Won’t Tell You Anything.
So It’s either you step up and solve that problem of yours right now and start giving your woman mind-blowing sex, or be ready to have her looking outside.
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