reasons why marriages fail

WARNING: This short article is ONLY for men who care about their sexual health and marriage. Do not read if you do not care about your sexual health because something in it will shock you. ==>>

You may not have noticed but a prevalent situation in marriages today is infidelity among couples mostly resulting from a poor sex life.
What do I mean by a poor sex life?
• It is when couples do not have regular sex; when sex is handled as a duty, rather than a lovemaking relationship.
• It is when a man is suffering from sexual issues like chronic weak erection, loss of stamina or poor libido and this is affecting their sex lives.
• It is when the woman does not enjoy the sex because it does not lead to orgasm for her. ==>>
Women too have their sexual issues but from my experience, the problem is usually from the man in about 73% of the cases.
If your wife is secretly complaining about your poor performance in bed, then you’ve got to read on!
Since I launched the ComeShowLove Blog for men in 2013, I have received several emails from men who want help badly because their bedroom performance is really BAD. Let me make this known to you, most women cheat because their husbands cannot satisfy them sexually as a result of poor sex life.
There are other reasons why married women cheat BUT a poor sex life is at the top of the list!
The question I want to ask you now is“Do You FEEL Bad About Your Sexual Performance and Want to Do Something About It?” I mean do you have challenges such as the ones listed below?
• Weak or Inconsistent Erections
• Quick Ejaculation
• Inability to go more than one round
• Low Sexual Stamina
• Decrease in Libido (also known as Sex drive)
• Lack of Knowledge on how to Satisfy a Woman In Bed
• A small penis
• Low sperm count
If your answer is YES…I can tell you that it is not your fault if you have such issues
Number 1:
A lot of men suffer from sexual related challenges because nobody ever taught you anything about sex including your parents, teachers and religious leaders. The general assumption is that your sex life is something you have to magically figure out by yourself. The result is that some men get lucky with it…a lot struggle with it.
Number 2:
A lot of men suffer from sexual related challenges because there is aLOT of misinformation going around when it comes to sexual issues. For instance, in order to treat quick ejaculation, most men will seek advice from their friends or co-workers and they will get stupid advice like:
• Drink 2 bottles of Star 1 hour before sex
• Drink 2 bottles of Alomo bitters
• Use a depressant or cream
• Buy and swallow some pills or use spray
• See a herbal doctor (who is looking for ways to make some quick bucks)
If you are lucky, some of these silly advice may give you temporary results and if you are unlucky, some of them can actually wreck your sexual life.
I have helped more than 5000 men since I launched my website in 2013 and I believe I can help you too if you need my help.
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