Who is the “Mister World 2016”? His name is Rohit Khandelwal, and he comes from India. This man has gone through the amazing appearance transformation! Read his story.
mister world 2016

He is the first man from India to win this title. He had to compete with guys from Mexico and Puerto-Rico. The man is 27, and he used to be a very ordinary type of dude. He worked as a computer support specialist in India.
transformation Rohit Khandelwal
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It took him several years of hard work to get transformed from an untidy and kind of cute, but ordinary guy into the most charming man in the world. Presently he has over 150 000 fans on Instagram. And his popularity is rapidly growing.
Rohit Khandelwal model
Last year the man won the “Mr. India” title. He is popular at home, and he plans to go back to India and go on with his model and acting career. He is in many Indian TV Series and plays in the theater. He loves to travel and is a kind person.
mister india
Obviously, this man has all chances to succeed since he was persistent enough to go through the incredible transformation and reach his goal to become the most handsome man in the world.
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