Kangere and his wife

Kangere and his wife
– A police officer has undergone a surgery that led him to cut the tubes transport sperm from the testicles to his penis. 

– The father of six said the reason was for him to prevent pregnancies and also save his marriage.
– Police officer advises people not to listen to some people who say vasectomy is like castration.
Moses Kangere, a police officer and a father of six, has undergone a vasectomy surgery that led to the tubes of his penis that transport sperm from testicles to the penis cut.
The punch reports that that he went through the operation because of his wife who had three sets of twins after having various contraceptive methods also known as birth control that failed to work.
Kangere says: “Apart from the financial toll of taking care of  the six kids as a police officer, my wife avoided me from having sex with her because she was scared to conceive again.
“My wife has done different family planning procedures as one of them made her bleed profusely while another did not just go well with her body system. She is also very fertile because she conceives quickly.
“She became fearful of having sex with me after we had three sets of twins. It affected our marriage and finances.
“I decided to have a vasectomy after I got an assurance that it was safe. My wife agreed after she was also reassured that it would not affect my manhood or sex life.’
I  believe that the decision i took was the best because it has not only prevented pregnancies and it has also saved my marriage.