Dr Sid & Wife, Simi Celebrate 2nd Wedding Anniversary
Marriage is a different journey from that which you have been taking; it is the union of two emotional, physical and behavioural people.
5. Discuss intimacy: Discuss S3xual positions and S3xual limits. Know what turns your partner on and off in the bedroom.
6. Discuss house chores: In this era of gender equality and feminism, you should discuss everything to the tiniest bits and be sure all parties are happy with the decision made. Make sure you discuss who does what in the home. If she cooks, would you wash the dishes? And if you hate washing dishes what would you rather do? These are important questions the couple needs to ask themselves.
7. Fix a day for special dinners or friend’s moment: Set a day termed special by both of you when you can go out for dinner.
Being in a marriage doesn’t stop you from hanging out with friends, set out ‘me’ time.
8. Discuss your career: Ask questions like what do you want to do next? How would you achieve it?
Discuss your short and long-term career plans as a couple