President Buhari

Amaechi says Buhari’s administration has made over N3 trillion from looters

Nigeria’s transport minister Rotimi Amaechi has revealed that the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has so far recovered N3.4 trillion in cash and assets from those who looted the country’s treasury in the last administration.
Apart from this, Vanguard reports that Amaechi further revealed that the federal government has discovered N115 billion looted cash and assets in the United States, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.
Ibrahim Magu, EFCC boss

Ibrahim Magu, EFCC boss: His organsation has been arresting and arraigning alleged treasury looters
Much of the funds were allegedly looted in the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been going after such suspects, arresting and arraigning some of them while investigating others.
Speaking at the 34th Cambridge University International Symposium on Economic Crime in the United Kingdom, Amaechi said: “Our president has stopped at nothing to demonstrate that whosoever is caught in corruption related crimes will not be spared.
“In his days as military head of state and through other positions he has held in public life, he has upheld a life of integrity.
President Buhari

Amaechi says Buhari’s administration has made over N3 trillion from looters
“He is a typical example of how a leader can inspire committed followership through the force of example.
“As someone who has been in active politics for more than 30 years, I have learnt that many well-intended reforms are possible only if the leader can offer the requisite leadership and muster the right political will.
“In my country, since our President, Muhammadu Buhari, was elected, he did not leave anyone in doubt that the fight against corruption will not only be taken seriously, but will form a cardinal plank of his policy direction.”
“So far, he has made several pronouncements that set the tone of his commitment to strengthening anti-corruption agencies to go after anyone who has questions to answer.
“The president’s resolve was enough signal to all of us, members of his cabinet and the citizenry, that an end has come for the old ways of doing things.
“Currently, many people who have been indicted in one form of corrupt practice or another are being prosecuted in our courts. That, I believe is the way to show leadership and take responsibility,” he said.
Lai Mohammed says US congressman, Tom Marino made a a huge error in attacking Buhari

Lai Mohammed declared a different figure from Amaechi
The former governor of Rivers state added: “Another important factor is what I refer to as the force of example. There is very little any leader can achieve if he talks the right political talk without offering personal examples.
“In these days of internet and social media revolution, citizens often spend time to scrutinize the reputation and activities of any leader to find out if they are consistent with what he or she stands for in the media.”
He said leaders must practise what they preach if they expect to be taken seriously both by those within their organisations, state, country or outside.
He said: “They should be held accountable. Leadership is expected to do three simple things, perhaps four: upholding the primacy of leadership and political will, insisting on the force of example, enforcing the urgency of incentives and the necessity of sanctions and finally by leveraging on the power of partnership.”
However, the figure declared by Amaechi is different from that of Lai Mohammed, the minister of information, who recently revealed that the federal government recovered about N78 billion, and $3 million from alleged looters since the inauguration of Muhammadu Buhari.
Mohammed had stated that these funds cannot rescue Nigeria’s economy as they are a far cry from what the country needs to revive the economy.