New Born Baby With Two Heads

Modern technologies allow us to save lives of people and of babies in particular. This Indian woman was too poor to use any of them. When she gave birth to her baby or rather babies, she and the doctors were shocked! See why.chncdhahr0cdovl3dpa3jlehbvcnquy29tl3dwlwnvbnrlbnqvdxbsb2fkcy8ymde2lzewl2v4cgvjdgvklw9uzs1iywj5lwluc3rlywqtz290lxr3by1naxjscy1vbmutym9kes10d28tagvhzhmtcghvdg9zxzdlota1yzi4ogy3mzq1nznkytdhzmq4zwfimjkwzt

This woman had no idea that she carried conjoined twins in her womb and the weirdest kind of them, too. She gave birth to a baby girl with… two heads. In fact, those were two girls, who shared one body, but had separate heads.

Such case is not the first one in the world, but every time it happens, it shocks people. The condition is called dicephalic parapagus and it’s very rare. Doctors have moved the babies and the mother to a modern hospital to help them and study.

Unfortunately, the babies lived only for 20 days. Urmila Sharma is the mother’s name. She refused to see the baby with two heads and could not stand such an emotional hardship. It’s difficult to condemn her, as not all the people can take well to such things and love babies despite the oddities they have. Here is what their father says: “I wanted to raise them and for our daughter to have sisters but God had a different plan. The fact they survived for 20 days was even a miracle.”

This man has a large and kind heart. However, God knows the best what to do and who to take home early in life. These babies would suffer much, if they lived. Now they are in heaven and perfectly healed up!