3 simple ways to get whatever you want from your man


Given the fact that men are generally believed to be the stronger of the pair and hence, often the provider, it is not uncommon that women usually have things to ask, demands to make, and changes required of their significant other.

Below are 3 sure ways that will help you get whatever you want anytime you make the request of your man.

Go straight to the point

In an attempt to avoid looking so direct and demanding, some choose the other option of ‘stylishly’ making the requests. This is done by dropping hints, and communicating their desire for that particular thing in no express terms.
If you want to get an answer, you need to stick to the point rather than communicating through subtext. Often times, the intention is even lost on your man during the indirect asking and hint-droppings. Hence, make a request for the thing that you actually want, or you just might not get it.

Don’t guilt trip him

The point here is to discourage you ladies from shaming your spouse or partner into getting what you want.
Sure, taking him on a guilt trip might get you want, but that’s more down to him trying to save face or maintain his. You really do not want that to be the standard in your relationship.

Nobody wants to feel like they’re doing the wrong thing all the time. So instead of saying to your boyfriend or husband, “Why haven’t you done this or that for me in six months?” you could instead say “It would mean a lot to me if you did this, or if you did that.”

Show appreciation

This is almost the simplest thing ever to do, but sadly it is the one taken for granted the most.

It is sometimes said that men are like dogs in the sense that they loved to be praised, just the way you would pat your dog on the head for being of ‘good behaviour’ or for some similar act that’ll be considered ‘good behaviour’ for a dog.

Though the comparison with dogs doesn’t really sit well with me, I have to agree with the logic behind it. Men indeed love to have their egos massaged, they want to feel like they are doing things right. An important part of any relationship is to regularly let your partner know you appreciate the things he does, that you don’t take those things for granted.