New photos making the rounds on the internet have shown the staff of America’s seat of power, the White House, looking grim. 

White House staff

These photos have gotten a lot of people talking around the world.

The photos are those of the staff of United States seat of power, the White House, looking really gloomy and sad.

According to Time, the pictures were taken when US president Barack Obama spoke in a live televised address after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton conceded to Trump.

Their expressions reflect how they felt watching their soon-to-be former boss give one of his last major speeches.

Obviously, the men and women in these photos are not happy about the unbelievable turn of events after Donald Trump shocked the world to emerge US president elect.

Lots of internet users around the world have reacted to the photos with many saying they would feel the same way if they were among the White House staff.

See more photos below: